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Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform a range of reconstructive surgeries, as well as cosmetic enhancements, both surgical and non-surgical. We take great pride in our ability to help patients who need to restore face or body after trauma, disease, or for some, congenital deformities.

What We Do.

Our surgeons have advanced training and experience in the latest developments in reconstruction surgery. We are happy to meet with you in a private consultation to discuss what will be required to restore an area of your face or body in a reconstruction surgery.

Lower Extremity Reconstruction

After a severe injury to the lower extremities, movement and sensation can be greatly reduced or lost. Through specialized techniques to transfer muscle tissue, nerves, and vascular tissues and surgically connecting the blood supply, a leg, ankle or foot can be restored.

When in the past, the only option was amputation, modern microsurgery allows us to move tissue from another body area to preserve the health and function of limbs that have suffered serious injuries or have congenital deformities.

Other Reconstruction Procedures

Microvascular Surgery

Microvascular surgery is a procedure that allows for reconstruction of the face and neck or other areas of the body by transferring blood vessels, bone, muscle tissue and skin tissue from other parts of the body to reconstruct a severely damaged facial structure.

The procedure involves the use of a microscope, with specialized surgical tools to reconnect blood vessels so the transferred tissue will flourish in the new location. This advanced surgical technique requires lengthy training and experience, and we are proud to offer this option to patients who require reconstructive surgery for any area of the face, body, upper or lower extremity.

Head & Neck Reconstruction

No area is more immediately visible to other people than the head and neck area. After cancer surgery or trauma, the head, face, and neck may be severely damaged. Our team of plastic surgeons uses the most advanced techniques for reconstruction of the nose, lips, eyelids, cheeks, jaw bone structure, and neck structure.

Our skills with advanced microsurgery make it possible to restore a more natural appearance after larger portions of tissue have been removed or were lost due to trauma. We work closely in coordination with your other doctors, including oncological surgeons or trauma surgeons to help you on your journey to a healthier life, and an improved facial appearance, with your own natural tissue and skin.

Complex Wound Reconstruction

Severe wounds, whether surgical or from trauma, can be resolved with wound reconstruction surgery. This type of surgical procedure may involve microsurgery to perform intricate reconstructive procedures to connect blood vessels of tissue and skin transferred to the injured area. This allows the transferred tissue to become viable in the new location, with natural blood flow through the reconnected vessels.

Depending upon the type and extent of the wound, skin grafts may be used and sewn into place, after which the graft naturally produces new blood vessels.

We use the most advanced surgical techniques in complex wound reconstruction with the goal of achieving a functional, natural-looking result. The treatment you need can only be determined through a full evaluation of the wound site and your overall health. We can then make decisions about the most effective treatment in your case, including skin grafts, flaps, and microsurgical reconstruction.

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Some patients suffer from an abdominal weakness, with recurring hernias, or may have severe trauma wounds requiring surgical reconstruction. The procedure used will be based upon the severity of the problem. The transfer of abdominal tissue can produce restored strength to the area, making hernias less like to reoccur.

The treatment involves incisions in the abdomen through which the muscles are moved and reshaped, producing a more natural outcome than simply stitching the area together. This advanced technique has proven very effective in resolving previously unresolved hernias, complications such as fistula (a small tunnel created by an abscess), or large surgical or trauma wounds that cannot be resolved with standard surgeries.

Sleep Apnea Surgery

Adequate sleep is a vital aspect of overall body health. Those that suffer from sleep apnea often go through life feeling unwell due to ongoing fatigue. Our surgical team at Arizona Aesthetic Associates can perform a surgical procedure to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea by addressing the cause.

The surgical procedure will vary, based upon the condition of the patient and the underlying cause of the case of sleep apnea. While some patients may achieve relief through correcting a deviated septum (septoplasty), others may require a more extensive procedure called UPPP (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty).

This procedure removes the excess tissue present in the soft palate and pharynx (the membrane-lined cavity behind nose and mouth that connects to the throat). Other custom procedures are available, including tongue base reduction, alteration of the small bone in the neck to provide more room for the tongue base, or lower jaw correction.

Breast Reduction

Many women suffer from overlarge breasts that bring about various uncomfortable conditions, as well as personal issues. With regard to health, very heavy breasts often cause problems with posture, lead to ongoing back pain, and cause unpleasant and difficult rashes beneath the breasts.

Creating new breasts that are in proportion, rounded, youthful, and look fully natural can be life-changing. This procedure involves removing excess tissue, reshaping the remaining tissue, moving the nipple structure, and creating new, shapely breasts that suit the body frame and figure.

Wound Repair

Various types of wounds require reconstructive procedures to produce a look that appears more natural and acceptable. From repairing face or body wounds from Mohs surgery or other more invasive surgeries, our skills extend to the most advanced wound repair techniques, including microsurgery.

Weight Loss Surgery

After extreme weight loss, often achieved through bariatric surgery, you are now healthier, and no doubt happier – except for what remains. Although possibly hundreds of pounds of excess weight has been shed, the skin cannot snap back to a tight condition, and now hangs and droops on the body, arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, or other body area.

To achieve the full benefit of your weight loss, we can recontour your body by removing the excess skin and tissue to give you a tighter, firmer look that allows you to feel more confident in wearing tighter clothing, more revealing clothing, and be happier in your skin.

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