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At Arizona Aesthetic Associates, we treat visible, unsightly scars with advanced scar revision techniques. When a visible scar is affecting your confidence – and your quality of life – we urge you to meet with one our expertly trained and compassionate surgeons.

When you come in for your consultation for scar revision in Scottsdale, we will evaluate the condition of your scars and advise you of the procedures we offer to make them less visible.

Types of Scars

We treat the full range of scars, including:

Acne scars: Severe acne breakouts can leave the skin appearing pitted or with “icepick” scars, which are deep and narrow. Other types of acne scars are classified as “boxcar,” which are rounded or oval depressions, appearing pitted. Rolling scars give the skin an uneven look due to a wavy appearance. Hypertrophic or keloid scars are raised, caused by an overproduction of collagen. All these types of acne scars can be treated to create smoother skin.

Surgical scars: Some patients who have undergone surgery do not heal as expected, and are left with larger, visible scars. These scars can be treated so they appear less visible.

Keloid scars: Every person’s body heals differently. Some people are prone to keloid scars – the body produces too much collagen, causing an unsightly, raised scar, that expands beyond the borders of the injury. These scars can be treated with various procedures, based upon the size and location of the scars.

Contracture scars: Typically caused by burns, contracture scars leave the skin in the area tight and lacking flexibility. People who have been injured by fire can have scar treatments to reduce the appearance of contracture scars as much as possible, with various advanced scar treatments offered at Arizona Aesthetic Associates.

Hypertrophic scars: Raised, red scars that have not exceeded the boundary of the injury or incision are termed “hypertrophic.” Reducing the appearance of a red, visible scar can greatly improve your quality of life and confidence in how your body (or face) appears.

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Scar Revision with Surgery

For some visible scars, it may be necessary to undergo surgery to get results. This is often necessary with contracture scars. The scar tissue is removed, and a skin flap from the adjacent area is moved to create a flatter, less visible scar.

In other scars, a skin graft may be necessary. Z-plasty can move a scar so it is hidden in a natural fold to minimize its visibility.

Laser Scar Treatment

Specific advanced lasers can be effective in removing the tissue left from the overproduction of collagen – keloids. Fractional skin resurfacing can improve skin texture and even pigmentation to make scars less visible. Laser skin resurfacing can also be effective for smoothing facial skin affected by acne scars.

Advanced Scar Creams

At Arizona Aesthetic Associates, we know the most effective scar treatments to help reduce the appearance of scars, or limit scarring after a surgical procedure.

We offer the best after-surgery skin treatment for scar revision in Phoenix.

Scar Treatment with Dermal Fillers

Pitted acne scars can be smoothed and made less visible by the careful injection of advanced dermal fillers or fat transfer. These treatments must be performed with the utmost care and delicacy. Many patients require a combination of treatments to achieve the most positive results from our Scottsdale scar revision.

Come to Arizona Aesthetic Associates in Phoenix or Scottsdale for Scar Revision

If you have visible scars that you feel affect your appearance, we invite you to visit our private clinic for an evaluation. We can look at your scars and advise you of the most effective treatment to make them look less visible, whether surgical or non-surgical. When your scars have blended into the surrounding tissue and are no longer visible, it can be life-changing. We are here to help you feel good about your appearance with our Phoenix scar revision treatments.

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