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You can follow a proper diet and you can build muscle with exercise but you cannot tighten loose skin without surgery. While you want to be as attractive as possible, there are body contour issues that can leave you feeling unhappy, discontented, and distressed. Heavy thighs, or a thigh area that has drooping skin and tissue fall into this category. A thigh lift in Phoenix can restore the smooth, firm thighs that signal youth – and can resolve hanging skin and tissue that is left after weight loss or due to aging and loss of skin elasticity.

A thigh lift, also called “thighplasty,” can help you achieve the beautifully contoured and proportioned thighs that can make you feel empowered and attractive. The procedure reshapes the thighs by removing excess fat and loose skin, giving you the firmer, more attractive thighs that you desire.

If your skin has retained its elasticity, liposuction to remove the excess fat may be all that you need. In many cases, especially when there has been a significant quantity of weight loss or the condition is genetic, a thigh lift, along with liposuction, is the optimal treatment plan.

Getting a Thigh Lift in Phoenix or Scottsdale

The experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons at Arizona Aesthetic Associates will consult with you to discuss your medical history and your goals for the surgery. Click below to schedule a consultation for a thigh lift in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Gilbert areas.*

We will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan to achieve the outcome you envision – trimmer, more attractive thighs, free of excess fat, tissue, and skin.

Types of Thigh Lifts for Virtually Perfect Thighs

For some women, only one or two areas of the thigh may need to be lifted.

During the consultation with our surgeon, we will explain the differences in the incisions and what each type of lift can accomplish, although the name of each type of lift is relatively self-explanatory:

Inner (or medial) thigh lift – This thigh lift has a short, virtually invisible incision made in the fold of the groin area. It tightens the tissue on the upper third of the inner thigh only is suited for patients that don’t have a significant amount of loose skin.

Vertical thigh lift – This is for women needing a more dramatic procedure. The incision begins at the groin crease and goes down to the inner knee. This incision is visible in a swimsuit or other short clothing, but offers the maximum amount of skin tightening.

Outer thigh lift – This incision begins at the groin and goes around the hip, so the outer thigh can be lifted. Since it is mainly in the crease between hip and thigh, it is not particularly visible. This is sometimes also considered a different type of lower body lift.

Spiral thigh lift – This is a newer procedure that targets all the areas of the thigh, including the back. This incision starts at the fold of the buttock and continues around to the crease in the groin and ends where the thigh and public area meet.

Different thigh lift procedures can be combined with each other, as well as other types of procedures, such as a butt lift or buttock augmentation.

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Are you a good candidate for a thigh lift?

As with any elective plastic surgery procedure, there are certain factors that make someone a good candidate for a thigh lift in Scottsdale.

You should:

Be generally in good health.

Have no health conditions that might interfere with healing.

Be at a stable weight.

Be a non-smoker, since smoking inhibits blood flow, which can delay healing.

Have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery.

Have a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and exercise, to maintain the sculpted appearance of your thighs after surgery.


Swelling, bruising and redness are common after surgery, and one to three weeks off from work is typical, depending on the procedure. It will take about three months for the final shape to be revealed. Why not look as trim and fit as you want? We can help. We deliver some of the best results for thigh lifts in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Gilbert.

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