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Our hands are often taken for granted – until an injury or condition develops. When a hand injury or condition is affecting your ability to work, perform normal tasks, or your hand has been seriously injured, our board-certified plastic surgeons at Arizona Aesthetic Associates can help.

About Hand Surgery

The hands, wrists, and forearms are complex structures that work together to perform the functions of touching, holding, and grasping. If any of the components of the structure have been damaged, it may require surgical intervention to repair and restore motion.

At Arizona Aesthetic Associates, we aid with surgical treatments for range of hand injuries and conditions, including:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Finger damage
  • Nerve and tendon injuries
  • Congenital hand problems
  • Hand injured by trauma
Hand Reconstruction Phoenix

Restore Function to Wrist, Hand, and Fingers

Whether due to a sports injury, car accident, or due to a malformation of the hand structure, our plastic surgeons can evaluate the condition of your hand and advise you about what can be done to restore normal function.

The surgical repair of these problems will be a custom surgical procedure to address the factors in your individual case.

When you are looking for hand reconstruction in Scottsdale, look no further than our team of doctors.

Hand Surgery after Trauma

Many of our patients come to us after an injury has damaged the hand or wrist structure which must be surgically corrected. The damage may be to bones, ligaments, nerves, or tissue. Each component of the hand structure plays a role in the ability to use the hands normally, without pain.

Our team of surgeons will carefully evaluate the condition of your fingers, hand, and wrist to develop a surgical plan to address the underlying problem.

When it comes to receiving the best results from surgery for hand reconstruction in Phoenix, our doctors are the cream of the crop.

About Our Hand Surgery at Arizona Aesthetic Associates

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform hand surgery. Dr. Andres and Dr. Repta have been trained in the art of hand and microsurgery. Our team uses the most advanced surgical techniques to help patients regain the full use of the hand, whenever possible. When hand surgery is necessary, you want to ensure your hand surgeon has access to the latest surgical techniques. You can trust our team of medical professionals at Arizona Aesthetic Associates to provide the combination of aesthetic and reconstructive skills to help you achieve the best hand surgery result possible.

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Congenital Hand Deformities and Hand Surgery

Various types of hand abnormalities can be surgically repaired, including:

Polydactyly: When a baby is born with more than five fingers, the extra fingers (which typically are not functional) can be surgically removed. This procedure must be performed carefully so that the final result appears to be a normal hand.

Syndactyly: When the fingers of a baby are fused together or appear webbed, this condition can be surgically repaired. The procedure may vary, based upon whether the bone structure Is fused or merely the tissue.

Symbrachydactyly: If a child has small or missing fingers, a surgery performed early in the child’s life may improve both function and appearance of the hand. These are complex, delicate surgeries requiring high level surgical skills to perform.

After Reconstructive Hand Surgery: What to Expect

Complex hand surgeries are typically performed under regional or general anesthesia, and may be outpatient surgery or may require a night’s stay in a hospital, particularly for children. A cast may be needed to keep the hand stable during healing. Our surgeon will closely monitor your recovery with follow-up visits. Once the cast is removed, specialized exercises will be needed to regain strength and flexibility.

For adults, you may need to take several weeks off work to recover. As each hand injury or condition is unique, a private consultation with our hand surgeon will allow you to fully understand the surgical procedure needed and the predicted results and recovery time.

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